Hi.  My name is Santiago.  I titled this blog “fish out of water” because that’s often how I feel as an atheist living in Bible Belt, USA.  Not only that, but also because I aim for this blog to reach out to those who struggle with religious doubt or loss of faith, which may make them feel like a fish out of water in their religious communities.

Most religious leaders will tell you that doubts about your faith are perfectly normal,  understandable, and even healthy.  That is, only up to a certain point…  My goal is to reach out from the other side of that threshold and extend a welcome hand.  After all, loss of faith should not be something to fear, but rather something to celebrate!

** Update – As I responded to a commenter, I don’t want people to take this blog as a debate between me and the reader (e.g. me telling the reader, “I want you to believe X or Y”), I hope for this blog to spark internal conversations, internal questioning, internal debate. Why do I say I believe? Is it to explain phenomena I don’t yet understand? Is it to be happy? Is it because I feel that it would be bad of me to not believe?  These are the types of internal questions I hope to promote.


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